“I Can't Tell If I'm Scared or Horny”

My work recreates the same sensation one would feel when stumbling upon pornographic magazines in the woods. I have always been fascinated by duality and the cyclic nature of the world around us. This duality, the kind that can be found in Georges Bataille's “Erotism”, is created by two dissimilar things that at first appear to be opposites but are in fact one and the same, i.e. death and sensuality. In my case I am exploring the line where scary becomes stupid by exploring the Abject.

"...Clapp’s work is inspired by a dark side of the human experience. Internet dumping grounds like “space ghetto” and true horror stories from rides on the New York subway generate the imagery for his work. Francis Bacon was noted saying that he wanted his “…pictures to look as if a human being had passed between them, like a snail leaving its trail of the human presence….as a snail leaves its slime.” I liken this sensibility to Clapp’s paintings which exist underneath the rock of culture where the worms hide away from the light. He makes animals of us by exposing the things we do not wish to see and that which we try to forget. Clapp describes his work as evoking the same sensation as “stumbling upon pornographic magazines in the woods,” and they are truly that unsettling and invigorating; we feel uncomfortable looking, yet cannot look away. It is also worth noting the cinematic nature of the work, many of the paintings feel like clippings from the climax of a film, as if there were moments in life where he stopped the frame to make a note when everyone else hid their faces in terror." - Anthony Palocci Jr. for New American paintings